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Omayra refers to beautiful women. A girl that is out of this world. She is flawless, she is perfection made human and she is great at everything she does.
by eternalgoddess November 27, 2013
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An absolutely incredible and stunning woman. She is the most beautiful woman on the planet, along with being highly intellectual and insightful. She possesses a degree of depth uncommonly found in people of her age, and a degree of maturity that is greatly cherished. As a result, she will likely stay wise beyond her years. Not to mention the fact that she is undoubtedly and undeniably one of the sexiest women alive (that booty doe) ;). All in all, Omayra is an amazing person, who deserves nothing from the best from anyone she comes into contact with. She is remarkably special, and if you are with an Omayra, you will love her, cherish her, and value her forever.
Omayra literally has to be the most amazing woman I have ever come across in my life.
by Anon1687 June 20, 2016
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