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The good work of God. An ibo name from Africa. She is beautiful, loyal, calm, and soft, her smile is glorious and her mood swing to anger is like a volcano, she will vent her anger on you even if you weren't the cause and she would never apologize. If you are ready for a serious relationship, get her, and she will love you with everything in her, but don't ever think of breaking her heart, she will fight you with her last breath. She is a lion. Just like her name, she stands out from the rest. A perculiar being and most importantly, don't lie or play smart with her, she is intelligent and will take on you when you least expect it. Don't lie with her name, she will throw you into the trash. She is unpredictable.
She is a star, she is a diamond, she is crafted carefully, her heart is golden, she will care for you with her last breath if you worth it. She is a keeper.
Oluomachi's smile made me forget I had problems.
by Princess oma May 28, 2019
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