Oliver Sykes is the lead singer/screamer of the very popular band Bring Me The Horizon. BMTH is a damn good band, don't get me wrong, but Oli is the reason of most of their fans(the female ones, at least). He has talent and is attractive, but apparently he is a little bitch. Though wether it happened or not is unknown, apparently he took a piss on a girl who refused him sex, kicked her off the tour bus, and threw a drink at her. What a little bitch. Oh yeah, he owns the clothing line DropDead, too.

To conclude Oli, he is the poster boy for MySpace with his angled hair, screamo band, amazing talent, and good looks. Poor guy.
ScenexGirlx1: OMG Oli Sykes is like so gorgeous
ScenexGirlx2: OMG IKR HE IS LUSH
ScenexGirlx3: He is brutal for sure
by madsky July 10, 2008
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the fucking phitt lead singer of BMTH!
an oli fan: im gonna go see BMTH today
an oli fan 2: im gonna fuck oli sykes today
by whore_bitch_sk8er August 15, 2007
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Oli Sykes is the fucking faggot ass lead singer of the equally-faggoty Bring Me the Horizon. All the other members of the band are somewhat talented and would flourish in an actually decent musical environment, wheras Oli fucking Sykes is only known for his overly straightened scene hair and overall fierceness.
He is also loved by hoards of dumbass 13 year old girls everywhere, even though in 50 years he's going to look exactly like Paul McCartney (don't deny it).
Is not awesome. Does not write deep lyrics. Possibly took a piss on some fangirl who didn't wanna shag him. Is an epic douche.
Girl one: Oh my god, did you go and see Bring Me the Horizon last night? I mean, they are sooo good! And that singer is sooooo hot. What's his name again? Oh. OLI SYKES!

Me: -punches in face-
by boobyheadrofllmfao December 24, 2009
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Oliver Sykes, also known as Oli, is the lead singer of the British metal band Bring Me The Horizon, formed in 2004.
He owns the clothing line DropDead and is vegetarian.
Bring Me The Horizon is one of the best bands ever, because of Oli.

Oli is a very attractive guy, and for that he has a lot of haters that are just plain jealous.
He is indeed the sexiest guy on earth!!
girl1: Oli Sykes is so sexy!
girl2: YEAR! He is the sexiest guy ever!!!
by LoveOli October 19, 2011
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Oli Sykes is a person I'd never even heard about until I searched google images for Sykes 'the baddie' from the Disney film, Oliver & Company.

I was unfortunate enough to find images of a complete and utter knob jockey wearing boxer shorts, with fake blood dripping down the front of his hideously disfigured torso and a haircut only an emo could love.

For some reason I felt the urge to find out who this guy was and that led me to here. Now I've come to regret the decision as I'd rather not have known.

P.S. Deathcore sucks donkey wang. Go force feed yourself on some Entombed or Dismember you trend following fucktards.
Me: "Who the fuck is Oli Sykes?"

Me 2 minutes later: "I'd rather not have known."
by IDidNotWantToKnowOliSykes March 30, 2009
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a faggot who does not have any singing ability,girls dont like him they only like the idea of him, and because of this, in his free time he slobers on gay guys cocks to relive the pain of his gayness.
oli sykes emo kid who wheres his sisters pants
by rappasheem April 30, 2009
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