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A bar, usually musty-smelling, wooden, and named after an old Irish dude, that only men over 65 tend to frequent. Definitely not a place to see or be seen at if you are under the age of 40.
We met up at Hannigan's on Main St., but we left when we looked inside and realized it was a total old man bar.
by EmLove September 27, 2012
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A bar whose primary clientele consists of older men, most of whom are married and go to an old man bar to get away from their wives. Most old man bars are spartanly furnished, and prices tend to be cheaper than average. There is a large overlap with "beer and shot" bars. Most old man bars are working class, as upper class men that age will congregate in country clubs or more upscale drinking establishments.
My unlce always goes to Jack's Tavern, but my aunt doesn't care because it's just an old man bar. He is not going to meet any women there.
by vonratt March 07, 2014
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