a word that Ned Flanders, rom the poplular tevevision show The Simpsons, uses often. It means okey dokey, but I'm sure you know how wierd Flanders talks.
I know a kid who uses the word okely dokely
by chicken pants pooper January 14, 2005
The hip, new, totally not mainstream way to say "Okey Dokey" without appearing like a homosexual. Also usually used by people who use the word "totes".
Girl: Don't forget that we're going to dinner tonight, like you did last time.

Guy: Okes Dokes
by Landshark March 10, 2012
I want to befriend a little duckie
oke doke dopple gangers coke

- made by zora???
by Zzz8666 February 16, 2021