A variation of the phrase "oh man!". Originated from a mispronounciation of the aforementioned term in very specific societies.
"Oh men! Why can't he just say Oh Man?"
by Nic August 07, 2005
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group of gorgeous seniors who vary in names all ending with man.
oh, old, new, pretty hair, gip, and no, oh men
by sydney^2 November 01, 2010
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Derogatory spelling of a Korean person named Min Suk Oh

also called:
Man Suk Oh
Oh Fuk Men
Man Fuk Oh
Oh Cum Men
Man Suk
Man Fuk
Man suk likes the penis.
Oh Suks Men sucks men.
Minne has a boyfriend.
Man fuk speaks perfect engrish.
Men Fuk sez "Shut mouf, beech!"
by Merriam Webster February 19, 2003
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