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In it's simplest term: a male who is significantly bigger and taller when compared to normal men. Most males that qualify for "ogre status" (also abbreviated as ogre) hail from Scandinavian, Central and Northern European roots. Generally to be ogre status, you must be at least 6'4" and weigh 260+ lbs. It should be noted that "ogre status" generally doesn't denote being overweight, rather they are more commonly composed of inherit muscle and a large skeletal frame.

Often the term ogre status is applied to describe an act which proves dominance over another person.

Word of warning: Don't fuck with someone that is ogre status.
That motherfucker is straight up ogre status, I heard he tore that bitch in two pieces and blew hookerbacon all over her face.
by Jeremy R. February 10, 2007
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