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1. Seemingly impossible typo for "google" which no one has never made before. (contact me if someone actually makes this typo please.)

2. Quite possibly the greatest website ever. ( No different tan google, and is owned by google. It seems as if it redirects to Google, but it does not. "" or "" redirects to "". However Ogogle is very special; it doesn't redirect. It's just that the page content is exactly the same as the Google page. The address bar confirms that it does not redirect.

**When trying to get to Ogogle, be sure that you DO NOT TYPE "WWW".**
Complete dumbass (not yet existant on earth): LOLL OPOSPS I TYPYED GOOGLE AS OGOGLE OOPS LOLI MS O DUMB LOL
Person on the side: You're a fucking retard.

Man1: Hey... I found a website... and it may possibly be the greatest website ever... It's called OGOGLE
Man2: WOW that sounds OWNAGE. Must be the best website ever.
by Mr.Ogogle January 01, 2009
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