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Offtap: To be in a state of mind and body whereby the influence of MDMA, MDA, MDE, 2CI or other related chemicals have been consumed. It's the inner feelings of these drugs when at their highest, and the outwardly displayed behaviour of teeth grinding, jaw clenching, hugging, waving to strangers, sweating, drinking lots of fluids, slurring, telling people how much they "love and respect them", and of "how offtap they are right now"and dancing for 5 hrs non-stop or more to electronic music - until these effects have worn off. The term appears to be unique to certain parts of the southern hemisphere, especially southern australia - particularly Adelaide. Variations include "bit offtap" meaning you are still kind of feeling the effects of the chemicals and "way offtap" whereby you're thinking you're likely to keep taking drugs forever as it feels so damn good. May also describe the intensity of a bands music if it is full of energy and power or gives excitement in anticipation. This second definition appears to be unique to Australia, but not so much Adelaide

One minute you're standing somewhere chatting to friends, enjoying the wind in your face or the sights of beautiful women passing by, the next, you're barely leaning against a pole or wall somewhere you don't recognise, your eyes rolling towards the back of your head, shaking, drool running down your chin and neck, jaws jammed shut with no-one understanding a word you've just said, pit stains all the way down your shirt-sides and around the back- but with a smile on your face, a bunch of new offtap friends with you and probably one hand on someones crotch or perhaps down your own pants. In short you're in a pretty good mood although depending on where you are at the time you may have people calling the paramedics saying you might be dying, or have just came from a desert and have lost your canteen. Either way you're not likely to care very much about the paramedics, you'll probably offer them a chuppa-chup.

OR 2nd definition. -Insert bandname- goes absolutely offtap. Crowd loves them, OR the night's gunna be offtap, much respect to you and the whole crew eh, not even the birdflu epidemic is gunna stop this one going offtap.
by jamie_ledge July 17, 2006
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meaning absolutely insane, or something extremely cool or impressive
Guido: Oh my god that celica is OFF TAP!!!!!
by Beej December 05, 2004
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completely screwed up on ecstacy and/or another type of illegal stimulant drug
"damn that bitch is off tap!!"

"yeh she took 3 e's and snorted a line of coke."
by mynameisneo July 02, 2006
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OFFTAP is the word used to describe being under the influence of a designer drug (eg. Ecstasy, Meth/Speed, PMA, Ketamin). It is NOT correct to use it to describe you being drunk or stoned (as I frequently hear) It originated in the late 60's in the U.K. used to describe a "drug riddled" adolescent. It has since been adopted by the rave/clubbing community which has propelled it's use and status to where it's at today. Hell there are even websites called offtap (offtap. org & offtap. com. au) which is where I got this definition from.
"I got offtap last night" (when describing the night after taking some pills).

"I was so offtap I talked to a tree for hours".

"I am OFFTAP!"
by nick offtap August 02, 2006
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to crack the shits!
ie. to get angry with something
I hear Steve is a bit pissed at Jono at the moment?
Yeah mate he's off tap
by unwritten law March 19, 2004
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A phrase engrained in the roots of Fantasy Basketball, directly relating to anything of which could be considered a big deal.
Calum's trade rape of Frasier was off tap!
Mikes free throw percentage this week is off tap!
by Calym October 18, 2012
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