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In omaha nebraska, the indian population was very secluded and were not subject to outside influence.
After many years there became a crisis. At the opening of the new hindu temple, these 'ralestinians' (ralston, ne kids) thought they could cross into omaha territory and ruin omaha's reputation of extremely attractive indians that dont resort to hair gel, makeup etc
During this uprising the west omaha indians had united after setting aside the few differences and much research ranging from walkietalkies to biopsies resulted in the most scientific way to describe this kind. the term offbrand indian was born. these ralestinians and others to join were considered offbrand and not to be associated with the indians in omaha.

When this term was used outside nebraska there was a language problem until there was a translation for offbrand indian, FOB.
Rahul: man who are those fuckers that make us look bad
Rohan: those aleins are called offbrand indian. they have no respect for others and ruin the reputation of many innocent attractive indians
Rahul: Why do they spend so much time with hair gel, annoying as fuck faces?
Rohan: Dude who knows.
by West Omaha Federation June 29, 2010
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