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Izekial was such a pimp, even his mom wanted to give up the oedipussy.
by mike the thinker September 23, 2003
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Long defunct (late 90s early 00s) post feminist, experimental duo Brisbane. Influenced foremost, but not only by Sheila Chandra, Tom Waits, the riot grrl movement and Motley Crue. The only dream they had was to out crack whore Courtney Love. The felt they achieved this goal, when they torn apart 5 marriages for fun and both ended up in and out of rehab. Needless to say musically, they went their separate ways. Both members are currently on the wagon and studying Linguistics PhDs.
Oedipussy (n.) a defunct experimental duo from Brisbane, Australia.
by BrisBandfan August 07, 2006
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a kitten whose mother was run over by a truck and then brought up by the driver (a woman of course). the truckdriver mummy frequently smears catfood all over herself and gives little Opus a little tongue exercise
Oedipus-pus-pussy, come here, mummy's yummy!
by i (reasoning) October 22, 2003
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