the abbrieviation for "overdozed"

usually used like this
Guy 1: Yo the teacher od'ed with homework today.
Guy 2: I know right.
by blitz94/spartan117 June 13, 2007
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when you've gone too far. In effect to 'overdose' on a joke or yourself.
Yo man you're OD'ing
by Gr8One24 May 06, 2003
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1. too much Call Of Duty, to a point of adverse physical and/or mental consequence
2. Play too much call if duty
I learned the importance of regular breaks from play, after I C OD'ed and couldn't play anymore.; it felt like a hangover the day after I C OD'ed.
by ibevsop February 06, 2011
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Short For Online Dating, Typically Used In Mass Online Unisex Video Games Such As Blockstarplanet And Rec Room
Player 1: Abc For A Girl
Player 2: Abc
Player 3: Yall Be Some Low Hanging Crappy Ass Lil Kids OD'ing On Rec Room On A Saturday Night
by SMARTBOYYYY December 05, 2021
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