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the abbrieviation for "overdozed"

usually used like this
Guy 1: Yo the teacher od'ed with homework today.
Guy 2: I know right.
by blitz94/spartan117 June 13, 2007
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when someone takes something small and goes overboard with it
Person A posts a status on facebook, song lyrics
Person B names the artist and name of the song

Person A says person B oded
by BasedRob November 13, 2010
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A hansom, light-minded, good tempered Israeli guy.

Kindhearted, but has limited emotional capabilities.

Usually has beautiful brown eyes.

When he finds the right girl he might grow up to be a perfect partner. Don't give up on him girls!
Oh, Oded, you're so sweet you can get away with anything.
by an oded believer February 05, 2010
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