Standard: No Drinking.
Hard Mode: No Drugs.
God Mode: Stop Smoking.
THrough the entire month of october!
stfuBUDDY: "yea i lost no fap september"

anon: " oh yea"? hhaha i knew it

stfuBUDDY: fcuk off ima, try this octsober

anon: " thats easy for me im sXe

stfuBUDDY: ...
by stewfuBUDDY September 27, 2009
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The act of prohibition of alcohol during the month of October in support of midterms and assignment.

Common practice among Asians.

also see drycember
"Where's Li? We gotta get to the club!"
"Li's observing Octsober to get his 4.0"
by 51inchesofpleasaureandpain October 02, 2011
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