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(V) To have a clueless coworker tell an interminably boring story in a common space that you can’t walk away from because you’re the only other one there, particularly galling when you’re trying to get actual work done, or leave early.
Our IP guy completely obliviblocked me when I was trying to slide out an hour early today. Caught me as I was opening the doors to the elevator Bank, I sat holding a 30 pound door for twenty minutes as he recounted every excruciating detail of the most boring project ever. Did he think “why is this dude holding a door and looking at his watch every eight seconds”? Did he care? Anyway, when the story was done (or he stopped to breath) I noticed I had missed my train home so just slunk back to my desk to do some more work.
by BoredBill December 13, 2017
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