A little used term for BEER, which is made from BARLEY, in the same family as OATS (Poaceae, commonly called 'grasses').

Contrary to another definition appearing here, HOPS are not in the "oat family", and have little in common with OATS. Hops and Oats share the same Kingdom (Plantae), and Division (Magnoliophyta), but are of different Classes, Orders, Families, Genera, and species. HOPS are commonly used in beer to provide a bittering balance to the sweetness of the malted BARLEY that is used to produce beer.
In the final moments of the film "The Big Lebowski", "The Dude" says "Two oat sodas, Gary." to the bartender as he talks to "The Stranger".
by Lt. Hunter Hunter February 12, 2008
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Common expression used to describe beverages in the beer family of refreshing drinks. Most beer is made from hops, hops are in the oat family of seeds. Soda pop for the beer lover.
Hey Buddy - let's go grab an oat soda.
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