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a shitty-ass school known as OGS. grades kindergarden-8th. teachers dont give a shit. known for kids that are out of control, addicted alcohol and drugs, and massive vandilism. are also very preppy. usually go to libertyville high school. students known as Grovers. average loss of virginity :13.
-wtf is that?
~i went to oak grove school!! WE RULE!
-*shoots gun* smd
by 831831 April 20, 2011
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A school that refuses to admit bullying goes on, charges to much for uncooked food and has no working water fountains. Somehow it’s one of the best in its area?!?!
Bob: What secondary school did you go to

John: I went to oakgrove school

Bob: unlucky bro
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by Johnioup11111 June 30, 2018
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