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Orgasm Negotiations. When two people - whether partnered or just "friends with benefits" - have to negotiate receiving and giving an orgasm.

This can pertain to when, where, what has to be done in order to receive, and other circumstances that lead to you or your partner orgasming.
F-Bud 1: You have to come over, again, soon.

F-Bud 2: Why so soon? I was just there.

F-Bud 1: But you came. I didn't.

F-Bud 2: So?

F-Bud 1: So? I don't think you get this. This is an o-negos - and if you want to f**k me again - you'll come over tonight!

F-Bud 2: Fine. See you at 8pm.
by themeinmedia June 15, 2009
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