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Nyak is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. cool and slay. She is hot but smart. She know her own visions and ambition. Every boys want to know her but sorry shes a busy girl. Girls are so jealous with Nyak even she dont do anything to her. She is very natural and everyone loves her. Everywhere she goes, she will be the main attention.

Nyak is very humble and nice person. No lose to be friend with her.

Olds, kids, babies even animals likes her because she is loving person. Not to mention she has a nice calm good warm heart. Shes a good girl.

Shes popular and famous. Just mention her name and everyone know. Shes the idol.
"Wow is that nyak? So damn pretty!!"

"What are you guys talking about?"
"We are talking about Nyak she so smart and can do anything i want to be like her!"

Nyak : hi im..
Girl : hi i want to be your friend can we be friend like friend forever ?
by kilial December 26, 2017
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An expression of distress when one knows they've just messed up.
*drops a pan while trying to be quiet and it makes a really loud noise, alerting everyone.*
by Space_Kid July 01, 2016
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The mating call of the Phil, to Nyak one puts there arms like they would do the chicken dance, flaps arms up and down furiously while shouting Nyak. It's gets bitches like nothing else
''Dude that chick is hot how the hell did he get her?''
''He walked up and yelled Nyak like a spaz.''
by Inventor of the Nyak October 21, 2011
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