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A crazy-ass fat Twihard that has posted retarded videos on Youtube. Most of her videos consist of her contradicting herself, pointless ranting, and screaming about something Twilight related.
She even bashes the great horror fiction writer Stephen King in one of her videos, claiming he had no right to say what he said about Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Sue, self-insert, shit series called Twilight.
by greenpeas November 26, 2009
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someone, usually female (often times it is hard to tell) who is fat and grossly obsessed with Twilight
Emily: Oh my god, did you see how Amanda freaked out when she saw the trailer for that New Moon movie?
Bria: Yeah, she's a total nutty madam!
by I Dont Like Twilight! <3 November 20, 2009
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A batshit crazy british woman who posts videos on youtube about twilight. When she isn't contradicting herself and ranting in her videos, she is filming her reactions to anything and everything Twilight-related

Fun facts:
She says she cried for 90 minutes after she finished Breaking Dawn
She's seen the movie Twilight over 5 times
She wants a Renesmee
She is apparently some sort of greasy monster
She has met many people from the Twilight cast
Everyone hates her
She looks like a manatee
Direct quotes from nuttymadam:
"Stephenie Meyer is a genius -- YEAH HUH, YEAH HUH"
"You ungrateful little TURD"
"Renesmee rocks, she is the coolest little girl ever -- I WANT ONE"
by Pseudonymous B. D. Bosch November 29, 2009
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