the nervous feeling that arises when you want to stroke the salami, but fear that someone might walk in or come home.
I really want to watch Brazilian Bangbus, but I got nutterflies since mom will be home in ten minutes.
by Johny Salami April 21, 2011
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The immense rush of feelings, usually romantic, that occur after a good round of sexual activities.
I had nutterflies after Micheal and I had sex
by urbanmyth6 September 11, 2018
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The first round of ejaculatory material that leaves with greater velocity, thusly traveling a further distance than following rounds of fluid.
That nutterfly could have put an eye out.
by Koko and theChief March 30, 2009
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the feeling a ma gets when he is about to cum (also known as nut, bust, release)
"She was jerking me and then put her mouth on it, I immediatley got nutterflies and the I nutted without warning"
by sheeuh July 19, 2016
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Person A :fllly
Person B : :flushed:
Person A : Nutterfly.
by NicoConaway April 25, 2022
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Fluttering of and or the very light touch of one’s testicles on someone's skin so lightly they feel a tickling sensation.
Wanna experiment with something I learned on Urban Dictionary today?!
Sweet! I can't wait for you to feel my Nutterfly Kisses!
by High Priest of Rock November 9, 2014
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When youre walking around naked during sex and you have a string of pre-cum leaking fron your cock thats bouncing around and sticking to everything.
When I think of that petite Japanese girl Miko seeing my American dong for the first time i get nutterflies.
by GODZIRRA!! September 20, 2022
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