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Presumably, can be defined as the result of introducing your bitch as wifey and therefore it can be derived from the statement that we know she sluttin'. This is the second result in a three step process which proceeds as follows-
1) Breaking a brick down
2) Nutting and butting
3) Making a nigga be duckin'
Using this information we can now shorten the list down and figure out that nutted is used to describe a man jizzing, and butted is having sex in the ass otherwise known as anal. According to the evidence "nutting and butting" is the act of ejaculation but doing it in the ass.
1. Introduce me to your bitch as wifey and we know she sluttin'
Broke a brick down, nutted butted, now that nigga duckin'
- By Migos Bad and Boujee 2016, Verse 2 Quavo

2. I nutted butted your bitch, now watchu gonna do about it Jamal

3. Yo thanks for giving me your bitch, loving nutting butting her
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by Your_Pimp July 01, 2017
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