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Made up from the words nut and noodle, this is a friendly insult used to describe someone who is either-

1. Crazy
2. forgetful
3. Both

4. It can also be used more generally to describe someone who is acting silly/weird/stupid.

5. It may (or may not) also describe a tasty noodle dish.

6. A slightly abnormal 17 year old who enjoys such nerdy activities as internet gaming and listening to the director's commentary on her Futurama dvd box set. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music and plotting world domination.
1. Why are you eating my door you nutnoodle?!

2. Person 1: "Dear me, I seem to have forgotten my name."
Person 2: "You're a nutnoodle."

4. Person 1: "I'm a tap dancing monkey!"
Person B: "Yes... yes you are..." *edging away*

5. mmmm hypothetical nutnoodles

6. muhahahahahaaaa *snort*
by Jenny December 15, 2004
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