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Nutnfancy is a popular YouTube reviewer of knives, guns, and other practical and tactical equipment. Nutnfancy serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, and makes his videos in his spare time.

Nutnfancy's knife and gun reviews are usually quite detailed and lengthy compared to other YouTube reviewers. Unlike most reviewers, Nutnfancy does not simply unbox the item being reviewed and describe it to the camera. Rather, he discusses in detail the strengths and weaknesses of the knife or gun and what he personally likes/dislikes about it. In addition to reviewing guns, Nutnfancy has also produced several videos of him and his friends shooting in the desert.

Nutnfancy has named his collection of videos and ongoing enterprise The Nutnfancy Project, or TNP for short. People who watch The Nutnfancy Project are known as TNPrs.

In addition to his thousands of fans, Nutnfancy, like every other YouTuber, has some haters. These people are usually low on the intelligence scale and miss the point of what he is trying to say.

Nutnfancy likes to wear hats, and it is rare to see him without one. Nutnfancy also likes to DuraCoat everything in sight.
TNPr #1: "Hey man, did you see the latest Nutnfancy review on the *insert name of gun or knife here*?"
TNPr #2: "Absolutely! I already bought one!"
by ArktikWarfare April 26, 2010
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An egotistic, narcissistic, elitest douchebag of a youtube celebrity who reviews guns, knives and outdoor gear.

He also has a genuine belief that he is the best thing since sliced bread and will force viewers to watch him and his merry band of mall ninjas in the desert somewhere "training".

Nutnfancy has recently enlisted the help of his fascist sister who will instantly block anybody who posts a critical comment, and buries her face in the ass of anybody who posts a comment praising the ultimate mall ninja that is her brother.
Gun Enthusiast #1 - "Hey man, did you see that nutnfancy review of that AR-15?"

Gun Enthusiast #2 - "I couldn't get through the first five minutes. Don't get me wrong the guy has some good points, but I'm not prepared to sit through forty minutes of him verbally fellating himself to get them."

Gun Enthusiast #1 - "Yeah I know what you mean, he is a self absorbed doucher. And why does he wear all that camouflage?"
by TheNutnfancyProjectHeretic January 28, 2010
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