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a person who's always on somebody's dick who wont get the fuck off. But depending on the person they follow they may like it and become nut buddys
paul and that other guy

people who wont let your nuts go

probably you hahaha

damn bra get off my nuts nut buddy
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Like blood brothers in a way, but closer. There are several ways that two can become nut buddies, of which all include mixing “nut” (no homo though). For instance, if y’all are tappin the same girl at the same time, and your splooge mixes, you are then nut buddies (this is not to be confused with Eskimo brothers). Any instance where y’all niggas mix nut in a non-homo fashion makes you nut buddies. This usually means you have such an unbreakable (purely straight) relationship that y’all have mixed your potential offspring.
So Zach and I were tappin the same girl, and our cum mixed, we nut buddies now.
by Kpedaddy69 April 18, 2018
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