Very intelligent and such a cool boy. His power is smoldering and when he eats cake he explode
by turkish_guy January 18, 2018
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He’s central asian boy in most cases.
One of the smartest and coolest people you’ve ever seen!

He's very good at math and physics, also he has a cute face))
-Wow, what a great boy!
-Yeah, he must be named Nursultan!!
by treppenwits November 22, 2021
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Borat's pissed off neighbor who has to equal whatever Borat does or has. Often is seen scowling at Borat, with a pissed off look because he is scowling for being pissed off at Borat, cause he is pissed at Borat because Borat has better stuff. Can also be spotted with Ipod Mini, which is for little girls
I now have Ipod nano, Nursultan Tulyakbay has ipod mini, which is for little girls
by RM85racer June 27, 2010
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sometimes I really miss you, it happens when I come home for the holidays and I'm sad about it
but nursultan or nursking love you and really miss those times when we were crazy with happiness and walked in the rain in issyk, come back to me
by frauleinsaqonia January 12, 2023
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