the state of inebriation whereupon a shy or old metal head will mosh it up and likely be in danger of sustaining severe injury.
Jeremy was so numbskulled last night, he totally jumped in the pit with the karate kids and slipped a fuckin' disc!
by Ross Sewage March 16, 2006
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An idiot who trys to "HELP" but ends up messing up everything.
"I was looking for the remote under the couch and bumbed your dab rig off thd coffee table and broke it like a fucking numbskull"
by Voguewarriorpantsnstuff December 18, 2016
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A dupe, and tool for misinformation - misdirection for members of secret organizations - specifically the Skull and Bones. Allegedly a mark would be given a symbol - icon - vis a numbskull as well as be taught a pre-arranged false version of secret codes, grips etc that would instantly identify them to any true member of the organization. In return they would clear a gambling debt, or secure a massive contract etc for the member. Numbskulls would be selected from the socially ambitious, nouveau riche, self-aggrandizing, or pompous: but smart and successful enough that a non member would believe they could be a true member. After being "initiated" they would continue to be used as a source of money, amusement, and insulation for real members and the true secrets of the organization. Compliance is reinforced with fear of a loss of personal pride, ego, or embarrassment of the mark, in the event of an unhappy, or unruly numbskull.
That navy contract is being handled by Mr. Burke who is a real numbskull. (knowing look)
by Bebopin2 June 6, 2017
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