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"number onee" is a phrase rather than word. It is the international sign of approval amongst dirtbags, scumbags, and disgusting people. When you call someone "number onee" this should be accompanied by a raised arm, closed fist, with your index finger pointed at the person and wagged at them. Now, the phrase does not always need to be accompanied by the gesture and the gesture does not need the phrase to get the point across; they are best used together but are just as sufficiently understood seperatly.
(Ale hits on 13 year old girl; he is 26)
Matt: You're number onee
Ale: Omg thanks man!

(Matt is getting a bj in the woods, Sammy passed by, they make eye contact, Sammy gives Matt the "number onee" gesture, Matt cries one tear of happiness)
by capn caboto September 16, 2014
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