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To nuke a house is similar to dominate with authority. It means to destroy all that brings security to the person or persons who's houses are being nuked.
This originated from the Shepherd Hill wrestling team in Dudley Massachusetts. It is best used with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

singular- see example 1
plural- see example 2

To nuke ones house is not necessarily derogatory. It is simply a reflection of an opinion or prediction of an outcome.

see examples 3 and 4
example 1-(after a wrestler pinned another in 12 seconds) "I just nuked that kids house"

example 2- "At the football game, we're going to nuke all their houses."

example 3- "Hey bro, I'm going to nuke your house"

example 4-"Wow, I just got my house nuked"
by Shepherd Hill wrestling team November 11, 2007
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