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A nut sack in which both balls dangle at the same height.
Dude, you've got a nubsack!
by Shayne Cohen March 31, 2008
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A sack of garbage; a Bella. Often found crying in class.
Person 1: "Wow what a scrub!"
Person 2: "I think you mean nubsack."
by Trinibaby December 07, 2011
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A phrase that was made up by members of the «Apw» AirPro Wolves clan for the game Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat back in the days when the game/clan was active (2004-2007?). «Apw» was known for its fierce reputation in the skies, since most the members were top pilots of the game. Also known for the jokingly reputation of its members, many slangs and madeup names were formed, "nubsack" being one of them, which is literally meaning NUB and NUTSACK at the same time... "nubsack" came to be known by many other people and used as a common replacement for the word "nub" or "noob". «Apw» also used this phrase against other clans/players that were obviously not up to skills, mainly in a jokingly manner. This phrase became so well known in the Desert Combat community, that whenever someone used it, he was always mistaken for an Apw player, therefore over 80% of the people in the server would leave because of fear of getting pwned.
Undercover Apw player: Wanna dogfight?
Nubsack player: sure... bring it
*Apw player obviously dominates*
Undercover Apw player: HAHA u got owned u nubsack!
Nubsack player: OH!! An Apw member!! *quits*
Undercover Apw player: rofl... nubsacks

Apw member 1: So... you guys want to scrim us tomorrow?
UG member: Ummmm no thanks, we don't play against hackers
Apw member 1: LOL!! so you nubsacks think that way eh?
*UG member leaves*
Apw member 2: wow... what a fag, they think we hack!!
Apw member 1: lmfao! yep, we're too good for their nubsack asses... let em be!
by Raptor22 March 05, 2008
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NOUN 1.) a condom for a nub 2.)spin chatter Meth
Shut the fuck up, you fucking nub sack.

Die, nub sack.

by Shei August 01, 2004
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