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A nub nade is usually used in on-line gaming when someone gets off a random and/or lucky grenade. The attack has little or no thought behind it and is usually a last ditch effort. Nubs tend to do this rather often, so the 'technique' was named accordingly.

Out of game it is used to imply a "cheap shot" or "low blow".
In Game Example

Gamer 1: WTF!? He killed you?
Gamer 2: Yeah, hit me with a nub nade
Gamer 1: Wow... you suck. lol

Out of Game Example

Boy 1: *Gets sucker punched*
Boy 2: Nub nadded!
by DudelRok April 06, 2009
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A term used for the grenade launcher in the game Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. it is referred to as nub, because it is EXTREMELY easy to get kills with, as u can bounce the nades off walls. AKA: noobtube, noobstick, noobsock, glauncher, nn.
stupid nubnader: haha! i got highest fragger!
ETplayer: only cos u used the nub nade, num nuts *geez*
by 0loc0 October 11, 2006
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