Hey Cherrie, can I eat your fruit? NPI
by Arvin Sloan September 17, 2003
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Siglas para "ni puta idea", refiriéndose de forma vulgar a cuando no sabes algo. Se usa para abreviar al escribir un mensaje.
Carlos: el cumple de la Sandra es mañana?

Manuel: no tengo npi
by AlbaFarola June 8, 2020
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Spanish abbreviation for "Ni puta idea" - No fucking idea. In order to not use coarse language, some people say that the meaning is "No poseo información" - I don't have information.
1. Mary:-> Sabes en donde dejamos los condones? / Do you know where we left the condoms?
John:-> NPI

2. Charles:-> Será que Mary quiere salir conmigo? / Do you think that Mary wants to hang out?
John:-> NPI, pregúntele! / NPI, just ask her!
by Pedro Piqueras August 24, 2006
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No Phun intended — a fantastic album by tyler joseph that you should definitely listen to
Friend: Oh i heard you like npi
me: yes and you should too
by cøward April 10, 2019
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In Spanish; Ni puta idea! Which loosely translates to no fucking idea in English.
"What'cha you doing later on, sexy?"
"NPI! I'm still trying to find something to do..."
by Barbie305 December 9, 2007
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No Positive Impact - An act of no positivity or memorable times to ones life.
GC: Yo I'm gonna call him out to chill with us
HL: Why? that guy has no positive impact in my life

Why should I vote for him? He's had NPI on me.

Im glad we traded him to another team. He had NPI in the past few weeks.

No Positive Impact was patented by H.L.

It was later on shorten to NPI.
by Hugo Bossman Suits November 30, 2011
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