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Noucis are very attractive people. They catch eyes of many adventurers. Noucis are very fun to be with. They will compliment you on the smallest thing. They only share their personal stories if they’re close to you. They don’t like to bring down the mood and would be weird just to make people happy.
Damn Nouci, that acne can suck it because you’re beautiful the way you are and you really do not need anything though you always say you’re ugly you’re not.
by Hehekkk May 07, 2018
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Nouci is a Hmong girl. She likes eggrolls and her mom’s homemade friedrice. She had 2 brothers but one passed away, she has a sisters and two parents. One girl and one boy. But she’s gay
Nouci: “Hi I’m nouci
Man: “Hey nouci”
by Nouuuciii January 08, 2019
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