Best Band there is, was, and ever will be. They formed back in 1995 and kicked ass, performing at live shows, thrashing, and they also had a melodic side to their music also. They released Five kickass albums but right after they finished the fifth one they called it quits. All of Nothingface's fans (i.e. Me)were all pissed and wanted to kill the closest living object in 50 feet radius. But hell, what can you do? It majorly sucks and blows in five different languages that they broke up. They were awesome, but, THEY'RE FUCKING QUITTERS!!! Bastards.
Jimmy (reading): Nothingface broke up?
Squirrel: Um, can you please let go of my throat?
Jimmy: THEY BROKE UP?!!!!!
Squirrel: OKay, first time, you were hurting me, now I can barely breathe
by Jasonrulesall April 10, 2005
Tragic resident of Nottingham. Has recently started displaying Phantom of the Opera-like qualities, hiding his face in shadows and behind a frightening ginger beard.
She retreated from the advancing Nothingface, mouth agape in a rictus of fear.
"I won't hurt you, my pretty," he crooned. "In fact you might like it."
by Shucks April 26, 2005
Normally used to describe someone who has rapist tendancies.

May one day grow up to be either a rapist, a paedophile or both.

Normally to pass the time the person would normally throw headgehogs at passing lorries or scare old women by setting off fireworks through their letterbox.
News Reporter Man With Suave Moustache:-"This just in. A man who has aparently had sex with over 1 women through force has been arrested today. He is still awaiting trial because no one can get a good description on him. He is said to have a face that doesn't exist. A nothingface if you will."

by A Concerned Mother August 14, 2006