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A high school that doesn't know the difference between a wolf and a raider (this may be a side-affect of living in the middle of no where). Quite a few "rednecks" attend North High, and the rest are emo lesbians. There is a corn field across from the school, so looking out of the window and day-dreaming is not an option. "Dip", a tobacco product, has been used to replace paint on the walls, and the foul odor of second hand smoke permeates the bathrooms. The teen pregnancy rate at this school is 97%, so if you go here, you are most likely going to be impregnated. One upside is that NIHS can be an alternate from Statesville High School where you are more likely to be shot or recruited into a gang.
Hey, look at that girl, she hates her life, and likes other chicks. She has to be from North Iredell High school.
by D is fo free November 05, 2007
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