north county is most definitely NOT the ghetto of san diego. either you are completely ignorant or you dont live in san diego. north county is the nice/nicer side of san diego and the ghetto would be the south and the east. this includes skyline, east san diego, chula vista, national city, north park, logan/normal heights, barrio logan, and many many other hoods.
north county is the nicer side, all the gringos and old people live there....
by highrida4rmgrapestreet BBK March 26, 2005
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The OPPOSITE of the ghetto, one of San Diego's finest locations, i.e. the suburbs. A lot of upscale houses, great community, and the most laid back people in the county. A lot of rich families live here, as the housing starts at around $500,000, at least where I live in Rancho Penasquitos.
North County San Diego is defintitely NOT the ghetto... ever heard of National City or Southeast SD?
by somne March 02, 2006
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escondido,vista,oceanside,san marcos,carlsbad,etc.north county is in san diego county. many nice houses and layed back people. and yes there are ghettos,but not that many. overall north county is a pretty tite place and has good weather.
"ghettos" are nothing to glorify. if i could have it my way there would be no ghettos in the world. but hey north county is a pretty nice place overall.
by reppin760sm April 25, 2005
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consists of escondido, vista, san marcos, mira mesa, oceanside, encinitas, poway, rancho bernardo, rancho penasquitos. san diego is the pimpest city and north county is its ghetto. when you think of san diego you think of military and the ocean. but in north county there are many ghettos. and spanish is spoken more than english.
also known as No.C Sd.(North County,San Diego)
by anonymous November 20, 2004
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An area that consists of a bunch of surf towns mostly, encinitas, carlsbad, oceanside, del mar and a bunch of inland small towns. It is a pretty wealthy area with some small areas that are poor and try and act like there way gnarlier than they really are because they think being vatos are cool but yeah its not ghetto just some cholos want north county to be but it is a very well off area
North County San Diego is.... coast= lope, surfers, occasional vatos
inland= bros, vatos
by freshyffej1313 October 09, 2007
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