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Where all the dregs of Charleston get shoved up off the peninsula into. A haven for the lower-lower-middle class and lower class, complete with all the strip-mall trappings of Suburban Hell and the redneck charm of Small-Town America.

Disproportionate number of vagabonds, drifters, and armed criminals, with the balance of the population Walmart-People.
Hilariously, highfalutin Charlestonians must venture into sleazy North Charleston for their bigbox retail procurement. Surely they feel unclean afterwards.
by TheGoyWonder June 15, 2013
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A nice place to live post WW2, although spiraled as our Navy Shipyard closed down in 1996. A very up and coming area, and home to the best neighborhood in South Carolina; Park Circle.
North Charleston be Crawlin', Joe.
by Kevy Smalls September 24, 2007
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