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A bitchass little town right next to KKKearny.
North Arlington is mainly composed of dead people, old people and everyone from this town is a whore. People from this town usually will not argue with you, the men, because they're getting laid, the dead people, because they can't and the girls won't because they know they're loose pussied cock sucking hoes. People from "N.A." don't even like it there. Many people from this town think they're bad ass because they had a cigarette last Tuesday and they know what "boge" and "choad" mean. People from this town are two faced and will have no problem being bitchy. Not a bitch, not an asshole, just bitchy enough to irritate even the chillest of peeps. These loud annoying mother fuckers should stay in their shit town and stop infesting the nearby towns with their fakeness. Their personality plagiarism is the most fag-like thing you will ever witness. North Arlington is only one square mile. Just because many of the girls developed early and started putting out at age 12 they think they're the shit. The ugly ass motherfuckers who fuck the hoes also think they're the shit. The girls who did not delevop early or have some self respect for themselves are not accepted by the sluts. The whore's only pick on the good kind of people because they are insanely jealous that these girls have nice bodies that will not be all used up by age 19. By then, all the sluts will have turned into ugly sacks of aids that even their step-grandfathers wouldn't want.
person1- Let's go to North Arlington!
person2- Fuck you.
person1- Why? I thought we were biffles.
person2- *shoots person1.
by Alotta Vuhgyna June 26, 2008
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North Arlington, "n.a" is a shitty little town full of two faced hoebags and virgin guys. The guys think that they fuck so many bitches but the only thing that touches their two inch dick is their right hand. The girls have no problem putting themselves out to Lyndhurst guys cause theyre the oly ones desperate enough to fuck them. Only .01 % of n.a kids are virgins. n.a sucks more dick then a prostitute.
North Arlington Girl 1: hey let's go fuck some lyndhurst guys!
North Arlington Girl 2: sure! lemme take my birth control now!
by klikebye February 10, 2014
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