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A game player that is said to have watched over games since the begging. No body knows if he/she is a real person, a group of people, or a computor. But everyone who knows of him knows of the group he/she leads. No one knows who all of them are but they almost worship him. It is speculated that he is a new breed of human. But this has yet to be proven. But everyone knows one thing, if noroka hasn't played it. It ain't worth playin'. He has been asked if he is japonese which is where he go the name. But he is Norwegian. And doesn't speak aany japonese whatsoever.
noroka: oh hey
Me: Wow.... I've heard so much....
noroka: heh yet another? well what would you like to know?
Me: I need help on <insert game here>.
*1 hour later.....*
Me: WOW! You know a hella lot man!
noroka: yea yea..... now if you'll excuse me, i must go
Me: So nice meating you.
by Dr. Crowley April 26, 2009
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