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An off-brand chocolate cookie resembling an Oreo, can be found in most grocery establishments and convenience stores nation-wide.
"I am sorry sir, but that is definitely a noreo"
"Hey everybody, I'm going down to the Dollar Tree to buy some noreo's for the party"
by Max D. May 15, 2008
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Noreos are the store-brand fake, wannabe Oreos that might look a bit like an Oreo, but just... don't... quite... cut it. But you'll still eat them!
If you aren't going actually make something for the potluck, at least spring for some real OREO cookies. I can't believe that Todd brought that cheap box of NOREOS with the orange 99 cent sticker on it?
by FC Soccer Coach D February 26, 2013
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A fake OREO Cookie that is shown on Fuller House when they talk about the β€˜99c Store’.
Person #1: β€œI have OREOS!”
Person #2: β€œThey are No-reos f**k you!”
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by OliverDeBrisbane April 25, 2020
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