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The slang term in fanfiction net when they have a journalist invading the website. When they get outted as a fanfiction writer they try to come up with something insulting to creative nonfiction writers. "The1upguy" on tried to slander a creative nonfiction writer as he saw Holden's Counterpart as he saw that the barb was directed at him as he got on him for saying "fuck" in an abrasive way. Hack is one of the slurs that creative nonfiction writers get from both the fictional and fanfiction communities as they're seen as the bastard child of the literary community. The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five, Tales of the Talisman Vol 2.1, Withersin: Birth Issue, Dark Gothic Resurrected: Autumn '07, and The Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10 as Shock Totem saw the trend of creative nonfiction getting a macabre treatment too. Though The Ethereal Gazette is the one that ushered the form in the independent press circuit as a token paying market in 2005.
Fanfiction writer one: FUCK we got one of those invading fandom.
What's that?

A goddamn nonfic as he invaded the site with a vengeance as he took a swipe at what he called pseudo-novelists.
by ilinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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