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A biting creativenonfiction deconstruct of those who get celebrated for doing novels where character were never their's to begin with. The author sneaked this on fanfiction as he introduced a tone that some who are known types who gave him shit were put on spot. He took aim at the pseudo-novelist who wrote the piece of shit known as Another Hope which Lucasfilm took aim at her along with his rival, Nick Matamas, on his LiveJournal blog. Noted for the jokes at his own expense using slurs for Italians, greaseball and wop. Noted for the challenging question, "Does one see the world through the eyes of a fan writer or a journalist?"

It didn't have the same reaction as the slash fandom had when he introduced a short story called The Fandom Writer on FictionPress as it attracted 43 reviews from disgruntled slash fanfiction writers -- some called it a hatefic. He addressed The Stephen Glass affair and the debacle he was dragged into back in Halloween 2010 as he revamped his project to become his most personal anthology project.

When fandom writers when doing fan fiction sometimes don't realize some of the material was based on true stories such as Fast Times or Normal Life as it was based on the Bearded Bandit from Schamburg, Illinois.
The said piece was conceived when he caught a fanwriter saying, "Fan fiction is better than the original material" then the bastard blasted the piece. He pointed out, "this one goes over your heads because you don't investigate journalistic shams and academic frauds." The title refers to Catcher in the Rye's main character as the author was the creative nonfiction counterpart; hence the term Holden's Counterpart. It's the double homicide language of The Cabbie Homicide where the investigative elements show from his reporting from his wordpress and tumbr blogs with the biting vibe of The Fandom Writer.
by Illinoishorrorman January 18, 2018
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