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(pronounced: /non gee/, /non jee/)pl. (non gees /non geez/,/non jeez/)

(comes from the abbreviation of "Non Greek" to Non G.)

1. noun. - a person, group, establishment, place and/ or thing which is not affiliated with a college fraternity or sorority, known as the Greek System.

2. adj. - of or relating to non gee

non gee(s) may or may not have a positive view of the fraternity & sorority system and their members

This word is not pejorative nor derogatory

Synonym /Antonym: GDI

Person A : Mike is so hot. What frat is he in?
Person B : Mike's not in a frat, he's non gee, but a lot of
his friends are frat boys.

Person A : What frat is the party at?
Person B : It's not a frat party, it's a non gee party.

Frat bars are fun but at times are complete sausage feasts, or the girls are all frat groupies, so it's good to mix it up and go to some non gee bars too.
by Coillteg October 29, 2006
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