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Is when you realize you've eatten something a few minutes ago, but have no idea of what or how much. Happens when eating while distracted, i.e. watching TV or while talking to a friend who is playing a videogame in front of you.

A waking person's version of sleep eating.
Girl 1: Did you hear that Amy Winehouse fainted again last week? Colin says she has lung cancer

Girl 2: Let me just finish my lunch here or i'll have nomnesia again and put on another 5lbs. This chicken salad is so good, i have to will myself not to get seconds
by mrhazrd June 01, 2009
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The state of having trouble remembering names.
His nomnesia got him in trouble again when he couldn't remember the name of his friend as he tried to introduce her to others.
by Gregory V. Richardson January 17, 2004
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