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In media: a slogan/tactic used to coerce an unsuspecting viewer into believing in fact-based circular logic. It's very clever, and works on anyone that does not do their own fact-checking.

In law: a tactic attorneys always use to argue facts against another using circular logic. A lie based in frivolous and superficial, but actual facts, with the aim of coercing a judge to believing their argument.

In reality: a Judge's ( or viewer's) duty is to be unbiased, and check to see whom is telling the truth with theseveral actual facts, and look into the motives of who else is involved upstream of the fact spinning.
News Pundit: You're entering the No Spin Zone. A man was spotted at the North Pole, so it must have been Santa Claus, because only Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. (circular logic)

Informed Citizen: Don't the Inuit live there also, so could it be... (logic, interrupted by News Pundit)

News Pundit : NO. I'm turning down the volume of your microphone. The spin stops here! (End of No Spin Show)
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by Patriot InfoWarrior February 20, 2017
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