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1. Offending someone in a weird way
2. Being a god
1. Did you just nnam my nor?
2. Bro you're such a nnam!
by L_GEND October 27, 2017
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Non-North Asian Minority. A non-white person who is not from North Asia (China, Japan, Korea, etc.).

Bloggers use the term NAM to refer to non-Asian minorities in the United States, but since the term 'NAM' doesn't distinguish between North and South Asians (and there are enormous differences between North and South Asians -- in temperament, IQ scores, etc.) bloggers began to use term NNAM to designate "Non-North Asian Minority."
NNAMS in the United States would be: blacks, mestizos, people from India, etc.
by Huan2 October 12, 2011
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