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someone nasty,rude,insensitive,likes to make off homoured gay jokes towards friends,infidelity jokes about corns wife,and and chrisET's mom.
nmf'ers-usually runs in clans or packs
nmf'ers-can be located in bushes by listening to their whinning
nmf'ers-share the females for mating
nmf'ers-are not builders
nmf'ers-many are fat and bald
nmf'ers-seasoned males are unisex
nmf'ers-some have ability to teleport(commonly known as "lichers)
nmf'ers-have many leaders in pack,none of which have a sense of direction
nmf'ers-few are astetically pleasing(ugly ones normally coined as the phrase..Knightmares)(many show up in childrens dreams)(a high percentage...wet dreams)
nmf'ers-bark alot
nmf'ers-loyal to their species,unselfish,caring,willing to go the extra,and highly undiscovered or studied.
that nmf'er copulated with my mate,as she gave the ole reach around to my brother.
by brian juntunen December 31, 2007
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