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Extremely cheap (30p) but surprisingly tasty japanese noodles, far superior to any other cheapo noodles such as Doll, Supernoodles etc.

To everyone's surprise, these actually taste like the pork, chicken, or whatever it says on the packet, just don't read the ingredients!
I've been broke for a while so I'm living on Nissin noodles
by Suprlovr September 21, 2004
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Nissin, commonly known as the antonym for the word jyne is anything with a negative connotation. Someone hating on you? They are a nisser, or more informally a "nissa". If you just feel something sketchy about someone, you are getting some niss vibes. When haters talk shit, they be nissin' on you.
Anna: So many nissers be nissin' on my FormSpring.
by Nissa Himself May 22, 2011
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