A person who is a fan of the American grunge band Nirvana, which was formed in 1987. Unfortunately, the lead singer, Kurt Cobain, shot himself on April 5 of 1994, and was found by an electrician on April 8. Bassist Chris Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl made the right choice of disbanding in order to keep Nirvana's inspiration, rather than try to find a new singer. Kurt Cobain was the only singer who could've fit the piece. No one will ever forget that. Nirvana fans everywhere are just people who were inspired by Kurt Cobain's work, and wish for him to at last find nirvana in death.
"Dude, which one is better? Pearl Jam or Nirvana?"
"Nirvana. I'm a total nirvana fan."
by ricerodriguez October 31, 2009
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complete shit, nirvana fans are garbage.
lisa with her punky t-shirt and her chucks with pink skulls:"i mostly listen to nirvana"

typical nirvana fan:"kurt is god!"
typical nirvana fan:"courtney killed kurt!"
typical nirvana fan:"kurt did this, GENIUS! kurt did that, GENIUS!"

by RapeMeAllTheTimeIdieForIt August 26, 2007
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Someone who listens to Nirvana and knows a lot of their songs other than Smells Like Teen Spirit
Person 1: With the lights out, it's less dangerous! God that song is AWESOME!
Person 2: Name one lyric from Blew.
Person 1: What the fuck is Blew?
Person 2: You're not a real Nirvana fan.
by IAmTheNextRockstar April 3, 2011
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