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nipmuc is full of rich white kids who wanna be black, weird drama kids who wanna be asian, and teachers who really couldn't give two shits about whether or not their students are alive. half the student body drinks more alcohol than humanly possible (shoutout 2 class of 2020 for really killing it in that this year). the amateur drug dealers that live in rich suburbs love to talk about their "struggle" and how they're "on a come up" when really they're gonna end up in jail. the only good thing about nipmuc is the sports and i mean hey sometimes they buy papa gino's. AND NO NIPMUC IS NOT A TOWN ITS A FUCKING REGIONAL SCHOOL WITH MENDON AND UPTON SO DONT SAY "Do live in nipmuc?" BECAUSE NO I DONT LIVE IN MY SCHOOL
do you go to nipmuc?
so do you do drugs or theater?
by factsonfactsonfax May 04, 2017
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The stanky stanky residue left on your junk after you take a Tokyokko from behind.
Ew...Dude...Use you kimono to wipe that nipmuc off your jumblies before I toss my tempura.
by kenflossrulez August 18, 2018
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