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One of Nintendo's greatest inventions, it's another version of the 3DS, only this one can only display games and other Nintendo crap in 2D and 2D only. It was created so retarded 6 year olds don't ruin their eyes with the 3D feature on the regular 3DS. Because retarded parents are too lazy to setup parental controls on the 2DS, instead they just throw a 2DS at them so they stop whining, and they don't have to worry about child services coming in and taking away their 1-6 year old because the parent neglected them and let them use 3D to ruin their eyesight.

This 2DS is also basically a middle finger to all if Nintendo's true fans (the ones that own a 3DS or a 3DS XL) When the 2DS was announced by Nintendo, they were basically saying "Fuck you 3DS owners, the 3D was just a stupid gymic, and you fell for it. There is no way we are gonna keep using Stereoscopic 3D in our handhelds. You jackasses can go to Hell, and take that precious 3D gymic with you!" That is what I got out of it anyways.
All in all, the 2DS is another flop coming from Nintendo, like the Virtual Boy and Wii U.
Nintendo Fan #2: "Hey Nintendo Fan #1, did you hear about the Nintendo 2DS?

Nintendo Fan #2: Yes Nintendo fan #2 I heard, it turns out the 3D was just another stupid gymic. Oh well, lets go over to Sony, they won't play us like that.

Nintendo Fan #1: Yeah, Sony's Vita might have a horrible game selection, and a ridiculously expensive memorey card system, but atleast they don't use stupid temporary gymics on us.

Nintendo Fan #2: Yeah, I mean what is the 3DS without the 3D? It's basically another DS with a slightly higher resolution and better processor.

Nintendo Fan #1: Ikr, those frauds sure did pull the wool over our eyes.
by Nontendo October 05, 2013
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